Regardless of how straight forward the definition of “wellness” may be, it remains a very subjective concept; everyone has different practices and rituals that make them feel their best. Going vegan 5 years ago I thought that was it – eating good for my body, helping the planet and saving the animals? Check! Done! I’m well! It is hands down the best decision I have ever made for myself, but it is certainly not the answer to wellness. In reality, at this time I was intensely working out 2 times a day and following strict meal plans because my only goal was to be skinny. Looking back at this time, my “wellness” was at an all time low.


It is the ultimate journey to understand what truly makes you feel balanced physically and mentally. For me, after some family trauma and a couple of tough years, I found myself at a point where I needed to do some immense mental and emotional healing. I had to change my perspective, because now, forcing myself to work out and say no to ice cream wasn’t cutting it. This wasn’t the simplest realization to come to, and essentially took 25 years to get there. We grow as individuals when we ask ourselves tough questions and challenge our way of thinking.


Ultimately, the question I had for myself was: “What REALLY makes me feel my best (Mentally, physically, energetically, etc.)? ” After lots of different practice (breathwork, podcast listening, reading and meditating) I think I found the answer – doing things to show my body I care for her; that make my mind clear and body feel light. Seems easy, but this took some perspective shifting to really do so. Sometimes, it’s as simple as turning on a podcast to get your mind thinking in a new way, and for some serious personal growth to start happening!


Podcasts are my go-to because:

1. I feel “clear” and productive when I am learning

2. I am very relaxed listening to other people speak

3. They are easy to listen to at essentially any time

That being said, I present to you three podcasts that really shifted my perspective (Wellness edition):



The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose: Personally, my wellness and spiritual journey intertwine. I am focusing more than ever on energy and doing real soul work. This podcast is lighthearted, fun and full of girl power, while really tackling some tough topics with gratitude, balance and lack of fear to transform your body and mind.


Rich Roll Podcast: Listening to this podcast makes me want to run a million miles. It is very inspiring on the health & fitness aspect of wellness. A big perspective shift I had to make was in regard to fitness; for so long, my goal working out was to burn as many calories as possible. It is much more liberating and motivating to work out with the intent that it is simply good for my body. (and hey – your workouts will still pay off!)  Rich interviews a lot of badass individuals that will inspire you to be your best self.


(A crowd favorite! Perhaps a surprise?) The Joe Rogan Podcast: After listening to many episodes, I am more similar to Joe than I thought. Also, very different from his elk hunting ways. But boy, listening to this podcast is good for EVERYONE. Each episode is so different and if it teaches you one thing – it is to open your mind and just listen.


Everyone has such a different story to tell. Naturally, we are judge mental whether we like to be or not, and I have found that an easy way to have a clear conscious is to work on not expressing any negative judgements I may have (A difficult task). (Yeah, I may not like that girls shirt, but do I need to verbalize that? No. And I’ll feel a lot better if I just let it go.) Full circle here, is that the Joe Rogan Podcast is good practice to listen to conversations you would likely never listen to otherwise. You can’t participate, so it is easy to just listen and take the conversations for what they are, judgement free.


The wellness journey can be overwhelming, as we often feel we aren’t doing enough. If you want to feel better, pop on one of these podcasts, learn some new things, and try to implement them into your daily life. Take note of what makes you feel your best. Say no more if you prefer staying in on Saturday night. Take more walks if they clear your head. Have a ginger shot every morning if that’s what makes you feel good. Do what you gotta do and be patient with yourself!



Written by, Lindsey Higgins