COVID-19, Corona, Miss Rona, Rona… it’s called many things and it has quickly taken over our lives. As a New Yorker, this city is particularly eerie because being social is literally what the city is built on. You don’t move to New York to actually live in your cramped overpriced apartment, you move to go to eat extraordinary restaurants, watch broadway plays and network. Without the hustle and bustle, who are we? 

As a naturally social person this period of social distancing was initially a struggle for me. A lot of my job (and overall well being) relies on human interaction. Yes I’ve been Facetiming, watching Instagram Live programming and bingeing Netflix shows but I felt a little empty. My world literally went from a full calendar of events and goals to suddenly nothing. Like many of you, everything stopped and I don’t know when it will start again. But as I sat in my room I realized that instead of wallowing and being sad, I wanted to use this time to be even more productive than ever.  

But with productivity you need inspiration. And that can be kind of hard to find during a time when your timeline is full of sad news articles. So here are a few tips to help you stay inspired, entertained and uplifted. 


Whether it’s a novel or an investigative journalism piece, reading is the best way to escape your world and go into another. Sometimes Instagram captions aren’t enough, so lean into your book worm side and soak up that information. 


I honestly hadn’t heard of Zoom until we were forced to work from home, but this video conferencing platform really is a great way to still collaborate with people and have fun. Make your next Zoom party a brainstorm! And yes, you can still bring wine. 


I know for most people this sounds like a terrible idea but hear me out. Museums, libraries and magazines have some of the best newsletters and they’re always packed with a ton of information. Typically we’re too busy to sort through them but now is the time! Also a lot of them have cool online offerings that will not just keep you inspired but also entertained. 


I don’t know about you but my dreams have been very lucid since the quarantine has started. It could be due to the late night ice cream, but regardless, my dreams have turned into feature length films. If this is you, write your dreams down! Who knows what they’re trying to tell you. 


This may not be a luxury for everyone, but if this is something you can do, walk around your neighborhood. For many of us we’re always moving so fast – trying to get to our destinations that we get to take in the surroundings. Without that hustle and bustle we can finally slow down and really explore (while staying 6 feet apart of course). 


I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m constantly inspired by what people post on social. From riveting Twitter threads to uplifting Instagram campaigns, people are dropping new content every day and it’s there for you to consume it. Not all content is “good” content but that’s what the lovely mute button is for. 

I hope that helped. Stay safe and STAY THE HECK INSIDE! 


By: Morgan Peterson