Geuri de la Rosa, a NYC native, is Co-Design Director at the fashion brand Cinq a Sept. He’s the type of person who's energy radiates through the room with positivity and kindness.  He recently launched Casa LaLa - an event series celebrating Dominican culture and cuisine, named after his grandmother. Hopefully, you can catch the next party, and stay up-to-date here.


Q: What’s your name and where are you from?

A: My name is Geuri de la Rosa and I was born and raised in NYC. Originally from the Bronx 


Q: What’s your best personality trait?

A: My fave personality trait is probably my optimism. I’m very optimistic. Always try to look at the glass half full.


Q: Three things you wish you knew when you were 15?

AL It’s ok to let loose and have a little fun. Didn’t really live out my teens the way I wanted to, but guess I’m making up for it now. All good things take time. Rarely will things ever go as planned, just flow.

Q: Whats the idea behind your new event series, Casa LaLa?

A: Lala was my grandmother. My family moved here from Dominican Republic in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They very much kept to their customs from island, which included a lot of cooking, loud music, and dancing. So as a kid this is what I was exposed to. Every weekend without fail they would say “vamos pa’ la Casa de Lala!" - which means "let’s go to Lala’s house"!

Everyone loved being there, even though Lala had a no-fucks-given attitude and took shit from no one. She was a feisty woman, but even so people couldn’t get enough of her. Her place would go from a quaint family home that smelled of roast pork and coffee and turn into the wildest party!

Casa Lala is a traveling food and dance experience. Me and my friend, Chef Adam Lajara teamed up and had our first party last November on Canal and we’re gearing up to have the next one real soon! Casa Lala is all about recreating that euphoric energy, I want everyone to know what it was like to lose your inhibitions and party at Lala’s! Y’all should come check it out! 

Q: What do you do for a living and why do you do it?

A: I’m a Design Director for a fashion label. I’ve always been fascinated by the way people dress and style themselves, it says everything about a person’s character and their journey. I love to tell a story through my designs. It’s the path I chose from a very young age. I’m very fortunate to be able to do it every day.


Q: Favorite thing you learned this year?

A: Favorite thing I’ve learned this year is to not take myself and life so seriously. Every day comes with good and bad, and shit can get real fucked at times but when you look at the grand scheme of things it’s just another day!  


Q: Most embarrassing thing that happened to you this year?

A: The most embarrassing thing that happened to me this year.. damn too many to decide actually, but I’d say it was earlier this year I was on the train heading home after work, all seats were taken and I was one of few standing up. I was holding on to the poll, fell asleep and just kind of dipped it low and got up very quickly lol I thought I was quick to get up off the ground but everyone saw me go down. Caused lots of laughs, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself even, it was ridiculous. Just another day in my life lol.


Q: Last concert you went to?

A: The last concert I went to was a Bas Bunny concert, shit got rowdy. It was lit.


Q: How late do you usually sleep?

A: I don’t ever really sleep in. I’m always wired and have too much going on, but whenever I do I’d say around 11am. Usually after a bender.


Q: Do you use cannabis?

A: I’m an avid pot smoker. 


Q: How do you chill at the end of a long day?

A: Usually smoke a few j’s and have a glass of red wine.


Q: Did you have a moment when you realized how important it is to relax?

A: I did! It really hit me a few fashion weeks ago. I was prepping for a show, planning a pop up event and also partying perhaps a little too hard.. lol I burned myself out. Usually I can keep it together but my body and mind really started to feel it. 


Q: Worst job you’ve ever had?

A: Worst job I ever worked was my first job in the fashion industry. It wasn’t at all in the kind of market I wanted to be in but it was right at the beginning of the recession and jobs were very limited. There was no creative freedom and let’s just say people weren’t the nicest. I felt like there was all this dark energy around me but I learned and grew from it. I was there for about a year, then I quit and started over. Landed some really great Internships and met great people. That awful job lead me to where I am today! 


Q: What motivates you to keep going?

A: Seeing all the hard work and sacrifice my parents put into raising me and my brothers keeps me motivated to keep going. And believe me, being that I’m an inner city kid it wasn’t easy.. there’s so much happening around you that can easily steer you in the wrong direction but they really made sure I had a great childhood and always taught me that we are limitless are possibilities are endless. I’m very grateful.


Q: What’s a mantra you say to yourself?

A: I guess I don’t really have mantras per se but something I always say to myself is “today will be a beautiful day” when I choose to see the beauty in everything and everyone then there’s not much that can ruin a day for me honestly. I know it’s so cheesy, but it’s true! Other than that I’d say stay true to yourself and be present. 


Q: What do you wish you did more of?

A: Really be more of my complete self and listen to the signs the universe is throwing at me. I find that I neglect myself and my emotions often. Just kind of keep rolling with the punches. Rarely ever put myself first or take time to appreciate me, what I’m about and the things I want or don’t want for that matter. I want to be better about embracing myself and who I am in all of its entirety. Working on it.. so far so good lol 


Q: How important is it to tap into your mood while designing?

A: I think that it’s very important to tap into your emotions while designing. At the end of the day you’re creating art and art comes to life through emotion. When I design something, I have to be in the right mindset, but you always put your energy and feelings into it in order to tell the story, at least I do. I find it always comes through in the final product and that is when a piece really comes to life and connects with people. Now when you’re running a company I think it’s good to keep your emotions at a minimum. You have to be level headed, be understanding of others and always try and put yourself in other people’s shoes, without letting your emotions get too involved. It’s best to keep the energy your flowing with light when working closely with others. Try to leave the bad energy at the door cause bad energy is contagious.