There’s nothing like a good old fashion social construct to trick you into thinking at the turn of midnight, you are new again; re-born if you will. Alas, dreaming is believing and I deeply look forward to the New Year as a timestamp of reflection, substantial changes, pretending I'm going to workout more, etc. 

I don’t think I'm alone when I say 2019 was wishy washy. Across the plethora of Instagram recaps I've had the unfortunate pleasure of consuming, everyone seems like they got their asses kicked by the last 12 months (perfect, we’re not alone) . 

If you’re anything like me, your spiritual scale is slightly above average (likely due to my engagement with the *~ wellness ~* industry) . You read your Mystic Mamma alerts when the sky is prepared to ruin your life, you have lots of smudging accessories and are somehow able to justify the arguably outrageous cost of stones. If you’re not like that, but you’re still in the midst of being on your parents couch for 6 days, over eating, running into people you haven’t seen in 10 years, well then listen up. 

You guessed it- I literally googled “cleansing ceremonies to do at home” and fell down the dark internet hole of my dreams. I didn’t need to make any sacrificial offerings, I just needed to reset my energy, my home’s energy, and I needed to burn some names in a fire inside my living room. Manageable. 


I spent 3 actual hours on the floor of my local Metaphysical supply store. I know this sounds silly, but I read the properties of hundreds of stones and crystals and let a few speak to me. It’s definitely an indulgence and a treat but I used my Christmas money, so whatever. Below are the names of some of the stones that fit with my resolutions: Garnet, Apache Tears, Ametrine, Lepidolite, Black Onyx, Obsidian, Black Moonstone, Ocean Jasper, and Kyanite. (Read up on these! But when you do, don’t worry I’m fine lol).


I came home and cleaned and decluttered my entire apartment, this is a basic gesture most people probably practice daily; Me, not so much. I love my clothes and all of my trinkets and it is what it is. Anyway- I curbed the Christmas tree, donated old clothes, went as far as cleaning the refrigerator out and organized the spices which is just about the only option when you’re home alone for 5 days. Additionally, a really important process in the cleansing ceremony is sweeping. You are encouraged to sweep the energy from the room before smudging. So, I swept. A lot. 


Next, I set the stage. Some articles suggested making your own Medicine Wheel. Other articles kept it light and suggested gathering your spiritual possessions, a few candles, and placing everything on the ground or on an altar. My altar consisted of: stones and crystals, 3 essential oils that I use for aromatherapy( Cedar Wood, Eucalyptus, and Palo Santo)  2 candles, Sage, Rose water spray (a substitute for holy water) and healthy snacks! 


I didn’t do this alone. I invited some of my closest lady friends who were aligned with the cleansing. We chatted for a while and talked about the last decade, compared stories, laughed, cried, ate our favorite raw foods, drank some juices, kombucha, and lots of water. If you’re coming out of a hard year, there is something special about airing your thoughts aloud- with or without other people.


Then, we wrote down 10 things we are leaving with the last 10 years, and 10 things were looking to accomplish in the next 10.


Then burn!  We sprayed our balancing sprays, anointed our rosemary with rose water, and burned our resolutions and leave-behinds. This was something I expected to feel incredibly cliche but it was much harder than I thought. And believe it or not, I felt the release almost immediately upon burning.


This may be the urban outfitters version of a cleansing ceremony but- my friends left, I cleaned up, and sat alone on my couch in awe. I really felt a shift, even if it was just the good company. Stones aside, creating a tangible symbol for leaving things in the past was the best elevation to the concept of New Years that I have pushed myself to engage in. Gonna try to bring this cleanse with me into the next decade and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a bit of a reset. If it's still not for you, I hope to see you at Pilates “3-5 times a week”.



Written by,

Olivia Kenney