As cannabis breaks out of prohibition, growers and companies are fighting to find the best way to use marijuana as an aphrodisiac, but here’s the secret: There’s not a one-size-fits-all model. While there’s evidence that people use cannabis as an aphrodisiac as early as 2000 BCE in India, the right way to use it is up to you. For a psychoactive experience, start small with a few puffs of a vape of joint or try 5mg of an edible. Cannabis can improve your sex life even without the high, by a topical (which has sexual superpowers) or by opting only to use CBD. Using marijuana as an aphrodisiac is an experiment with the power to yield great results, read on to learn five of the most significant ways it can enhance your sex life.

Cannabis can lower anxiety.

They say that our brain is our biggest sex organ. In addition to providing us with a fantasy of our partner bending us over a desk and doing what they please, it can come up with less sexy thoughts, such as body insecurities. Cannabis, in particular, CBD, can lower your anxiety and ease intrusive thoughts, when smoked, vaped, or ingested, keeping you more in the sensual present. Pro-tip: While THC works as an anti-anxiety medication for some, too much can lead to paranoia in others. You can counteract by taking CBD, so keep some on your bedside table. 

Cannabis can enhance your orgasm.

Cannabis enhances all of the senses. That means that your partner’s mouth may taste more comforting than usual and that the smell of sweat is decadently erotic. A brush against your nipple can make you want to come, and when you do have a stoned orgasm, you realize what all the fuss is about. In addition to enhancing sensation, cannabis is a vasodilator, meaning that it increases blood flow, which means a throbbing clit ready to go off (you’re welcome).

Cannabis can combat sexual pain.

Cannabis is unique because it can act as a pain reliever without numbing you out. This means that sex because more comfortable, but your body can still alert you if something is wrong. While inhaling or ingesting cannabis affects the entire body, if you experience vaginal dryness or pain, try a topical or suppository. Topicals provide localized pain relief without a psychoactive high, so even your mom can use it. They are effective on the vagina and anus but not the penis because of the location of mucus membranes required for absorption.

Cannabis can lower your inhibitions.

Cannabis is a medicine and a drug. It can be both. There is nothing wrong with pleasure. Just like a glass of wine, a little weed can lower your inhibitions and allow you to make love more freely. It’s easier to come up with dirty talk (cannabis enhances creativity, too) and say it. You utter a “yes” when your partner proposes a new role-playing scenario and discover the medical fetish you never knew you needed.

Cannabis can bring you closer to your partner.

Research shows that cannabis lowers our negative biases, basically helping us see the glass half full rather than empty. This helps us see the good in our partner rather than ruminate on the petty crap. Whether you and your partner enjoy cannabis together or it’s just your medicine, cannabis can help you let your guard down and grow closer (and kinder) towards your partner — and yourself.



Written by, Sophie Saint Thomas