When you hear the word ‘goals,’ do you automatically react with an eye roll? Do you ignore it? Do you think “nah, maybe tomorrow?” Well, same. When living a fast-paced lifestyle of work, wellness, family, relationships, etc., it is easy to forget to make weekly goals for yourself.


In the pre-corona era (ugh, miss you), you probably spent a decent amount of time going to and from your office, so it can’t be that hard to put in a few minutes to write down some goals on Monday before you get started with your work, right? Wrong – it’s still an extra non-mandatory thing to do so, naturally, we just don’t do it. Stay with me here, I promise this won’t be about work ethic and all that stuff.


At the end of a work day, I am constantly still feeling anxiety about forgetting something that I wanted/needed to do. So with the extra time at home, my friends and I found a catchier way to execute our goal-making strategy.

GOALS WITH FRIENDS! New app idea - you heard it here first!!


Each Sunday, we make a list of collective goals to complete throughout the week. Each goal has a certain point value to it, and they can be counted more than once the more you complete the task. We’ve made it more competitive by rewarding the most points each week with money because who doesn’t need money!? By Saturday at midnight, we each have to Venmo the winner $5 and there are 8 of us, so the winner gets $35 (wow, enough to buy a freakin’ pencil in NYC). You’re welcome for the simple multiplication lesson, btw. You can choose to play for more money, but that’s totally up to you and your group. 

The thing about having weekly goals is that we need to keep adding new things to conquer each week, so changing things up weekly is ~essential~! To prove that you are completing said tasks, we send pictures for proof which boosts our interactive and social time together. Social distancing made easy! Plus- it’s funny to see all my friends doing shit from our list.

This weeks list:



Since we are getting cabin fever already, and we are very mature adults, it’s helpful to make productive things fun. Crossing off goals = less anxiety and we could all use some relief from that right now in these trying times.


Remember, it takes about 3-4 weeks to form a new habit.


When the period of COVID-19 ends (because it will!!!), keep the momentum going. Just because we go back to our offices, doesn’t mean we give up on having goals. Hopefully this will just become a part of our weekly routine.


For next week, we plan to add “learn something new” and “3 servings of veggies a day” – feel free to add it to your competition, too.


Written by, Mik Murphy