Terpenes are what you smell when you open a jar of weed, or peel an orange, or smell a flower. They are the reason for different cannabis strain scents and are what make Blue Dream fruity and Jack Herer cirtusy. If terpenes have been a thing forever than why are you just hearing about it? Well, people are getting real nerdy in the cannabis space and we like it. Push those glasses up on your nose and lets dive in.

Most plants in nature have developed terpenes to repel critters and predators; cannabis is the same. There are many factors that influence the cannabis plant to development different properties of terpenes including climate, weather, age and maturation, fertilizers, soil type, and even the time of day. 

As of late, with the development of the cannabis industry, people have been getting really sciency and creating new strains by breeding different flowers and terpene profiles. Think about it like breeding a laberdoodle - a little extra fluff from the poodle combined with the personality of a lab = super dog. Growers are taking the best most popular properties of different strains and combining them into super strains; i.e. Super Kush.

Terpenes work in conjunction with the cannabinoids in the plant to create an effect on the body. Some research is pointing to terpenes as being just as effective in creating desired results on the body as cannabinoids. Think about yoga class; When the teacher walks around a puts a lavender essential oil drop on your temples the aroma instantly makes you feel more relaxed.

The same thing happens when you are smoking cannabis. When you smoke a citrus aromatic strain you will feel awakened and energized. When you smoke an earthy aromatic strain, you will feel calm and sedated. There are a ton of terpenes but the main ones you should know about when smoking cannabis are highlighted below.

The hype around terpenes is warranted. As research about the healing properties of terpenes continues, we should expect to see a lot more variety within the cannabis industry. Now that you know a little about terpenes, you should have a better idea of what you are smelling for next time you walk into a dispensary. Most industrial hemp growers now test terpene profiles as well. Be sure to ask for strain names or analysis of the terpene profile next time you are shopping around.