We know people like to know peoples reccos’ for everything.... From best pizza in Brooklyn to best drugstore lipstick. The world is so saturated with products and options that I find myself staring at my screen for hours in an endless hole of unnecessary research. We wanted to make things easier on you, so we made the Essential’s Essentials - a list where you can find the best whatever in whatever category you’re looking for.


This weeks edition is....Drugstore skincare.




Theres a reasons your grandma used Ponds and it’s still around and thriving today. Every year hundreds of lotions enter the market and every year Ponds holds ground. It is a simple, no-frills, bells, or whistles deep-moisturizing cream that goes on smoothly and gets absorbed by my extra dry skin easily. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a ride or die for Ponds.


Cocoa Butter


After every shower, I lather a thick layer of Cocoa Butter on every part of my body. It is a rich natural moisturizer that helps alleviate dry skin. Antioxidant Vitamin E helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks & imperfections. Plus it smells so good.



Idk if you’ve used a pimple patch before but they are MAGIC. I pop one of these on before bed and wake up with a pimple half the size - if not gone.



Fun Fact: I don’t leave my house without this stuff. I have it in all sizes and shapes they offer and keep it in all of my bags. I use it to moisturize chapped lips then apply the left over goop to my cheek bones, eye lids, upper brow, and tip of my noise. It’s like a little hydrating highlighter and I honestly get so many compliments.


Cerave Night Cream


A brand as old as time… not really but a real OG. Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides work together in this night cream to hydrate, brighten, and strengthen your skin. Apply it to clean skin before bed or layer it over your retinol or any other p.m. serum for best results.



Sulfer Ointment

I suffered from hormonal acne and tried a million and one remedies including expensive facials. While at said expensive facial, my esthetician recommended Sulfer ointment to treat my breakouts. If you can get passed the scent (slightly eggy) it is a powerful treatment for stubborn acne.