2019 was a wild ride. I feel like we've just arrived back at the loading gate at Six Flags and my hair is all wind blown from the 6 loops we just did. Through the ups and downs, we laughed, we cried, we ate sticks of goat cheese, and we smoked a lot of CBD. Though there were a lot of downs, we wouldn't be our true narcissistic internet selves if we didn't just show you the good stuff. So hold on tight cause there was a lot of it.


MARCH 2019

Essential Launched!

We came running out of the gates with our CBD Juul Pod starter pack. It took us months to bring this product to life and we were beyond thrilled with the result. We designed the pod starter pack with us ourselves and our friends in mind.  It was imperative that we made the product both high quality in ingredients AND appearance.



CBD juul pods in in a shell sit against a gradient background



ESSENTIAL Pop Up in Downtown Manhattan!

The Pop Up shop at Naked Retail came to life because we wanted our customers to be able to interact with the three moods of Essential in person. We threw parties, had our “My First Time” panel, made pretty bead bracelets with @worrysewmore, and made a lot of new friends along the way. Should we do another one?



a group of 20 something year olds drink cocktails at the Essential pop up store at Naked Retail in downtown manhattan



Women in Cannabis conference produced by Limone Creative and Coveteur Magazine.

We spent the weekend gallivanting through The Hoxton Hotel getting tattoos, smoking CBD, and chatting with the incredible women leading the cannabis world. Our CEO - Marykate Schneider spoke on a panel discussing branding and why it is important for their to be women business owners to be involved in the emerging cannabis industry.


A group of women in Cannabis at the Coveteur Magazine and Limone Women in Cannbais event at the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg NY


FALL 2019


We have been dreaming up the CBD Pre-Rolls since the beginning of Essential. Our love for cannabis flower and their delicious aroma made it a no brainer when selecting our second product. The Essential teams favorite way to consume CBD is inhalation. The ritual of sitting down, taking a beat, and smoking a pre-roll is one of our favorite pastimes.



3 hemp derived CBD joints in a colorful box from Essential Wellness Group




Launched our Essential STREAM editorial platform.

We launched the Stream because we wanted a place where we can spread ideas, education, and culture to cool people - like us ; ). The Stream has been one of the most exciting projects we have worked on so far and we cannot wait to share with you what is coming in 2020. 



A womans hand in water with Essentials "Stream" repeated 5 times.