It's confirmed, we are stuck inside until the end of the month and who knows how much longer after that. More than ever, it's essential to find peace in as many areas of life that you possibly can. 

Currently, the outside world is potent with anxiety, uncertainty, and negativity. There is very little we can do to stop what is out there, other than sit on our couch and support each other. 

Whether it be your apartment or parents' house, you have to find the sweet spot or create one where you can complete the things that matter most to you and where you function at your best. 

I just recently renovated a small space in my parent's basement that fills me up with clarity and focus. Anything from reading, phone calls, meditation, writing, working, designing, and creating takes place in this area. That was not always the case though, and that's why we put together this article to show you the top 6 tips.

1. It All Starts With The Desk 

The desk is where it all goes down. Its the foundation of that perfectly tailored space. @Pinterest is obviously your first move to find that. If you are on a budget, search DIY desks and the ideas will start flowing. Something as simple as wood on top of two filing cabinets can get the job done! 

If you want to go all out- get a standing desk. I have had mine for a month and you have no idea how incredible my back feels. Plus I am able to move more freely throughout the day.

Standing Desk 

DIY Desk 

2. Plants 

Plants are a must for mood boosting. Not to mention the lessons learned from taking care of them consistently! Adding plants in your space will automatically give your space that precious creative aesthetic and fill your body with that high-quality air. 

Modern Plant Holder 

Money Tree 

Windmill Palm Tree

3. Bookshelf 

Knowledge is power. Nothing like having a pile of books you can dive into within arms reach when you feel called to them. Some of the best ideas I've had came from sporadic reading while hanging out in my space. On top of the learnings, the look is incredible. 

Zig Zag Bookshelf

Medal & Modern Bookshelf

Tall White Bookshelf

4. Emphasize The Objects That Inspire You 

Whether it be family pictures, deceased icons, an inspo collage you made, or personal tchotchkes - make sure you give them an awesome spot that will always catch your eye. 

5. Charging Station 

I use a ton of wires to charge my phone and miscellaneous tech throughout the day. Sometimes I feel like I am being swallowed up by the wires and can't escape their grip - usually metaphorically sometimes literally. Accessible, organized charging is so underrated. It keeps your desk organized which makes your brain stay organized and on task. 

4 In 1


6. Pinterest Is Everything 

As you already know Pinterest is all you really need to make this happen. The first 6 items are necessities for your perfect space but Pinterest will inform the rest of your thinking and themes. 

The best part about this new WFH culture thats been thrown at us is our ability to tweak our workspace the way we want it. It is amazing to be able to reflect your creativity and personality into the space that you commit to 8 hours out of the day.

Truthfully, it's about tweaking your environment until it becomes your happy place all day and every day. Over time, when that space is curated and created from the ground up, it becomes yours, and some of your best work will happen here.